The Cage is a new performance and installation by NAKED which places the performers and the audience inside an industrial-sized cage. Imagine The Hunger if it was directed by Gaspar Noe. 


The Cage questions and explores freedom, control, power, the abolishment of hierarchies and the refusal to dominate and be dominated. Inside The Cage everyone is both hostage and accomplice of the system - the global situation, as a result of political instability, economic uncertainty and social anxiety. It is a symbol of how we have created our own zoo and of our own personal, political, psychological and physical cages we all live in.


The Cage was first performed at The Deadhouse in Somerset House, London, an underground tunnel which houses the remnants of a former chapel. It was performed three times in one night to sold out audiences. It was visceral and claustrophobic. The sound, the performance and the message were brutal, uncompromising and masochistic.